Foundation for Objective Studies India New Delhi: Introduction and Research Projects

The Foundation for Islamic Studies India is a academic and research institute which was established in 2003. This institute is working in the field of academic research beyond all kinds of sectarian and partisan prejudices.

Right now we have the following academic and critical projects at hand:

1. Tafsir Miftah-ul-Quran مفتاح القران  by Allama Shabbir Ahmad Azhar Meeruthi (Urdu, and some surahs in Arabic also) is a research based commentary on Quran.

2 To publish a comprehensive dictionary of Quranic understanding (authored by Allama Meeruthi)

1. Tuhfat ul-Qari Sharh Sahih Bukhariتحفة القاري بشرح صحيح البخاري  (Arabic, Volume 19) is a detailed, scientific and research based commentary by Allama Meeruthi on  Sahih Bukhari. In addition to Sihahe Sittah,(the six famous authentic books of Hadis literature) There is a research based discussion on Ahadis of other important books of hadith also.

1. Sharh Musnad Ahmad Bin Hanbal (Urdu, Volume 8) by Allama Meeruthi, Detailed and Research based  Sharh and commentary.

1. Taqribul Mamol fi Usule Hadis Rasool  تقريب المامول في اصول حديث الرسول: A short, research based easy treatise on the principles of Hadith

1. Studies in Bukhari بخاري كامطالعه(Critical and Research based Study of Some Ahadiths) 3 volumes

2. In addition, research books on the history of Islam, the contemporary world, and some important issues related to Islamic thought.

The Foundation for Islamic Studies India is a private institution. It does not receive any government or non-government financial support. We have started work on the reliance of Allah’s help. And many books of the Foundation have come to light. Many are in the process of composing. We need huge capital for their printing and publication. Help us in this regard and may Allah be pleased with you and us.

Aims and Objectives of the Foundation

The aims and objectives of the Foundation shall be:

1-To create a sense of brotherhood, cooperation, mutual harmony, love and affection among the general public of the country.

2- to promote the cause of National Integration and unity of India and to fight against the forces of fanaticism and fascism as well as communalism  in India

3- To perform work of charity the Muslim community and  general public

4-To organize seminars on social justice, educational and economical upliftment ,and to raise legal demands and fundamental rights provided by the Constitution of India

5-To open, form ,establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, assist , finance, support and /or help the Madrasa to teach various languages like Urdu, Arabic Persian English etc all over India.

6- To promote peace and tranquility nationally and internationally on the basis of Islamic tenets ,and to fight all kinds of violence and oppression.

7- Peaceful Dawah work among non believers with peaceful means and to do reform among Muslims in thought and practice.

8- To educate and train selected madrasa students on intellectual level to uplift their capabilities so as they should be able to respond to the challenges of modern world.

9- Reform the unislamic ideas ,rituals ,traits and notions prevalent among Muslims in the name of Islam.

10-To respond to the negative propaganda done by media and anti Islamic forces against Islam and Muslims and to bring fourth the real picture of Islam.

11-To give Muslims a positive approach and exhume them out from the negative mentality and reactionary mindset which is  stagnant in thinking and always obsessed with conspiracy theory etc.

12-To put forth the right stand of Islam, based on Quran and Sunnah, on various national, global and Ummatic affairs

13-To get different Muslim schools of thought agree on common issues, and thus consolidate unity and mutual co-operation and understanding among them

14-To promote interfaith, intra-faith and inter civilizational dialogue basically on academic and ideological planes

15- Provision of standard Islamic literature in regional and international languages

16- The aria of focus will be Muslim youth , students and children and special attention be given to imbibe them with good education and training.

The Founder:

Dr. Muhammad Ghitreef Shahbaz Nadwi

He graduated from Jamia Islamia Sanabel, Delhi (1991) Jamiatul Falah Belerya gunj Azamgarh(1993)  and specialized in Arabic language and literature from the reputed seminary Darul Uloom Nadwat Ulema Lucknow (1996). He then did his MA in Arabic from Lucknow University (1999) and earned his PhD from Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi (2006). He also did a three years course from Madrasa Discourses of Notre Dame University US.

For almost fifteen years, he edited the well-known Urdu monthly Afkar Milli New Delhi. Now he is affiliated with the Centre for the Promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India (CPECAMI) Aligarh Muslim University as a Research Associate. Privately, he has established the Foundation for Islamic Studies India , a New Delhi-based academic and research institute. He is active in the field of writing, composing, translating and researching. He has participated in many national and international conferences and seminars. He has translated many books in Arabic and English into Urdu and is the author of many books. He writes on various aspects of Islamic thought in various newspapers and magazines. He visited many countries so far as USA, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwaiti, Qatar and Nepal.

Address: Foundation for Islamic Studies India C-303/3 Shaheen Bagh New Delhi 110025




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