Muslim Minorities are facing an Identity Erasing Situation

The movement to seize numerous mosques, including the two mentioned above, has already begun, and local and even high courts are supporting it by accepting the filed cases in this regard, in spite of  the fact that the courts shouldn’t have accepted the cases in the first place ,given the 1991 Religious Places Act. With the exception of the Babri Masjid, the state is required by this Parliamentary Act to keep all religious sites in the same state as they were in 1991.

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Gaza is Facing an Existential Threat

On the occasion of the Jewish festival of light; Hanukah in a Jewish community gathering American President Joe Biden showed the world his real face saying, “I am a Zionist and to be a Zionist you don’t need to be a Jew”. His assertion confirms the theory that “Zionists rule the world by proxy” In other words, they rule the world directly or indirectly. Israel is the cornerstone of this new American-led global system.

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Wasn’t Muslim India a Secular State?

First of all, the state was not a theocracy. Some religious or semi-religious portfolios, such as Shaikhul Islam, Qazis, and others, cannot make it unsecular and theocratic. Once, some Ulema insisted on Alauddin Khilji for imposing sharia law on his subject. He retorted that you people may be experts in your field, but politics is not your domain, so it would be better if you keep yourself out of that. I would better know what suitable policy is for my subject.

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