Should we not explore the Self Defense Option?

By Dr. Muhammad Ghitreef* 

Hindutva leaders have many faces at the same time to dodge the common people with their duality smartly. They are experts in speaking the double language for that matter. Rather, it is a part of their strategy. So, when somebody from their leaders will chant slogans like “Muslim’s place is graveyard or Pakistan” someone from their rank and file even Sarsangh Chalak(RSS Chief) might also say in a meeting that “Hindutva is nothing without Muslims”. His statement would be picked by the Godi media for twenty-four hours and an attempt might be made to befool the people. Meanwhile, incidents of brutal killings of Muslim youth and boys are also on the rise. Among those who spread hatred against Muslims across the country, are in demand like the devil Narasimhanand, Karni Sena chief (now Haryana BJP spokesperson) Suraj Pal Singh, and others. Pushpendara Kalshresha who is the most sought-after preacher nowadays, probably a resident of Aligarh and a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh mixes Hindi and Urdu and has a great oratory caliber which attracts the people to him.

Nowadays, his meetings are being held in major cities of the country and millions of Hindus are flocking to listen to him. This notorious person, an incendiary demagogue of a rare kind, is an expert in rhetoric, playing with historical facts, twisting logical reasoning. He is an anti-Muslim ideologue cum gifted orator.

Generally, he invents multiple dialogues against Muslims, uses them in his irritating speeches, and the emotional Hindu audience shout slogans of Hindu supremacy. In a speech, he said, “My appeal to the government is to change the names of all the buildings, cities and symbols of Islamic rule in a single day like it did in Kashmir since the government did finish the special status of Kashmir removing article 370 in no time and no sky fell, so if she does it again, nothing will happen. Likewise, I appeal And induce all the audience to use the name Bhagyia Nagar instead of Hyderabad if we do so with the support of the media, the judiciary and the administration will come under pressure, and we can do this because we are in majority, this country belongs to us and us only. ” He mocked the secular Hindus and Muslims, saying: 

People cite Ganga Jamuni Tahzib, Lo! The Yamuna belongs to us, the Ganga belongs to us also and the tahzib(referring to Indo- Islamic culture) is gone to no return! He is especially fond of mocking with intellectual Muslim class as Hamid Ansari, Syed Hamid, Salman Khurshid Aamir Khan ET AL, and he does not forget to make jokes about them and to name Pakistan too as a terror state in every one of his speeches.

Former Army General GD Bakhshi, former RAW officer RSN Singh, and Pushpendra are a triangle, spreading hatred against Muslims with a plan. G. D Bakhshi generally appears in the media channels to talk on foreign affairs, Kashmir issues, Kashmiri pundit’s plight, etc. The video works in English and Hindi against Muslims is done by RSN Singh. And the formidable orator Pushpendera addresses general and huge gatherings organized by the Hindutva brigade especially in the Hindi belt. Wherein millions of religious Hindu zealots turn to, and thus he misleads Hindu youth.

They tell ordinary Hindus that wherever the Muslim population grows, they spread terrorism. Muslims cannot live in peace and harmony with non-Muslims, because hatred of non-Muslims is taught in madrassas so they are traitors of the country. Muslims have torn apart the motherland and thus they have taken their right if there was any, So now India is ours and ours only. Now they will stay here only if they will live in the second position and show respect to our elders and our culture, otherwise, they have no right to live here. Muslims are increasing their population and creating danger for us. The fact of the matter is that the increase in the Muslim population saga is mere false propaganda as Mr.M.Y Quraishi the ex-election commissioner of India categorically explained and also checked and probed by many surveys.

Pushpendra and others like him are the vanguards of the RSS and the BJP. It will benefit the BJP winning the coming elections by polarizing Hindu voters, and it will increase the hatred among Hindus against Muslims, their culture, their religion, and their history which is already on the rise. In Ghaziabad, the brutal treatment of a Muslim elder by Hindutva beasts (now Godi media is trying to falsify the case) and how Muslim youths are being slaughtered without any restraint is a crop of the same hatred which is being sown for a long time.

 Because of the Modi government’s clear failure to fight the Coronavirus, there is an outrage among the common people against this government. To divert attention from this, the same old tried and tested recipe is being used by intensifying the propaganda against the Muslims and once again to ensure that Hindu votes for the forthcoming Assembly and Lok Sabha elections should be cast for the BJP.

To counter the anti-Muslim campaign, a large number of Muslims need to be made aware of the dangers of Hindutva and its hate-mongering, also Muslims should form legal teams in different places and file cases against the hate preachers, and avoid traveling alone. Could we explore establishing, if possible, akharas in our colonies and muhallas for exercise to equip youth with defence tactics? The situation that has been created in this country and what is to come and is about to escalate is a serious matter that demands to adopt now some self-defence measures. Anti-Muslim and anti-Christian propaganda and hatred is the big weapon for Hindutva movement. This is a movement based on hatred and not on good and positive inspirations. Hindutva has no positive program for the common people, so this propagandist of hatred will die one day like the German racism, it is bound to perish, and one can see in Germany what happened to Nazism?

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