The government’s Stubbornness is Well Thought out

By : Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef*

During its assembly election campaign in Bihar BJP’s national president J.P Nadda once again claimed that his party government will impose CAA/NRC in the country when there is some relief in Coved 19 pandemic.

Despite all the protests and oppositions that took place across the country, even after losing the elections in Delhi, why the government is still insisting on its implementation of the CAA and its decision to bring in the NRC? Because it is a well thought out agenda of Hindutva brigade. People like Amit Shah and J.P Nadda and their ilk are not traditional politicians; rather their politics is ideological one. They are not just fighting to win or lose the elections but they are trying to impose their ideology on the nation. The national media is completely in their hands, through which they are convincing the people that everything is fine in the country and the objection to the CAA is baseless and only Muslims are against this positive move. The army, the police the bureaucracy are in the hands of the fascists and they have infiltrated in the judiciary too.

The case of treason against Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan and the attempt to arrest him, the case filed against Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, the national president of Welfare Party of India, and crack down on activists against CAA/NRC like Umer Khalid and others, seems to indicate that the campaign of Hindutva forces against Muslims  as well as secular and leftist Hindus is being intensified  now. And the Muslim and secular intellectuals  are being intimidated. And it is likely to be continued in future when there is some relief from the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic. Now the only hope might be there if the ruling dispensation could be routed out from the power in respectively Bihar ,Bengal and UP assembly elections. In Bihar it is now very unlikely, because of the fragmented opposition. In fact with shattered and divided opposition which is  not ready yet to learn a lesson from the past defeats, NDA has won half of the election before it starts.

In fact CAA/NRC is an Indian version of infamous Nuremburg law, enacted by Nazi Germany. That law was a prologue to first dehumanize the Jews of the country, deprive them of citizenship rights and then declare them a national Burdon, drag them into concentration camps and ended up in killing them in gas chambers. Nobody can deny the fact that the RSS ideologues were admirers of Hitler so they might have derived this whole CAA/NRC Idea from Nazi ideas.

Narendera Modi never hid his utter dislike towards Muslims, being a semi illiterate and a graduate of RSS seminary he can’t help that, because hatred of Muslims is in the DNA of RSS ,to borrow from Tavlin Singh once a great admirer of Modi(Now a harsh critic). So anticipating any good from RSS people for Muslims is a hope against hope.

*Research Associate Centre for promotion of Educational and Cultural Advancement of Muslims of India A.M.U Aligarh.

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