Unholy war against Islamists

By: Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef (shabaz Nadwi)*

It is common belief in the world that everywhere the problem lies with Islamists,who are obscurantists,chaunists,and ideologically exteremists, who often and easily become terrorists. The fact of the matter is totally contarary of this popular clich. For, liberal and secular forces most often have had shown unbelievable hostility,rigidity and enmity towards Islamists.As it is evedent from many a examples. See for instance how was there an unholy nexus between Arab monarches,kings,judiciary,liberal media and the army against Islamists in Egypt.

 Islamists inspite their being fully abiding by the law of the land and inspite having wone on pure demoratic manner perpetually are being deneyed their due and deprived their human rights mostly on false gronds . In the holy month of Ramazan the Egyptian army had attacked  peaceful protesters trying to reach out to M.Mursi who in aftermath of his being toppled down was capt unlawfully in a hidden place, and killed more than 150 , the toll of injurred was in thoundansds.On Agust 14,2013 the Rabia Adawiyya ground was equated forcibly from supporters of Mursi and M.B with army having already siege the ground and assulted on peaceful  protesters the clashes led to more than  hundreds  casualties mostly among the protesters.

During this forcibly evacuation which went on on Agust 15 too the escalated scrimishes between Army and protesters created a gory situation wherein in the deadly crack down and forcibly evacuation of Rabia Adwia squire more than 525 peaceful pro-democracy and pro-Mursi demonstraters were killed in cold blood,which prompted a world fury and harsh reaction from hitherto sopporter circle of this army coup.As Banki Moon UN secratory general called the army ,the interim government and M.B supporters to exercise restrant. Even US president Brack Obama made a grime and brief speech condemning violence in strongest words the US has ever used sinces the toppling of Mrsi government warning the army of dire consiquences if the situation were not ameliorated.Though liberal Egyptian media and in toing with it many now are blaming MB and its supposed and imaginary militias for the violence.That is a pity! For,what pictures and horrible images of the actual scenes of the army evacuation were released by independent media houses like Aljazira,clearly showing beyond doubt that army is the auther of this tale of horror.Yet thanks to unholy nexus between the secular and liberal forces against Islamists and biased media reporting it is always the same story all the time that crimes against humanity are committed by army and its cohorts and all the blame goes to poor Islamists.

In Bangladesh Hasina Wajid government is out evengeful and preying and haunting JIB for the allegged(and not  varified) supposed crimes committed in 1971’s sepration war from Pakistan.The government not only accused JIB of  henous crimes and convicted its old leadership via its formed infamus ICT(international criminal tribunal) which is consently temred by world human rights bodies as farcical, yet the government not ashemed a bit went ahead further and on its bid Banladesh high court cancelled JIB’s entitelment to participate in Election process as a political party giving verdict on the PIL suited by a sofi organization    Foundation.What was done to Islamists in Aljiria in the wake of their sweeping electoral victory over liberal and secular parties in 1991 is known to all . This is evident also from examples elsewhere.

*Dr.Mohammd Ghitreef  is the director of Foundation for Islamic Studies ,New Delhi, he can be contacted on:   mohammad.ghitreef@gmail.com ghitreef1@yahoo.com

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